ceramic-repairWhen is the Low Bid Not Really?

Tile installation is extremely technical and requires a high level of skill to be done right.  There are some things that may be overlooked during the installation that may not manifest until well after the install.  It is vital to insure that your contractor is knowledgeable, reputable and willing & able to stand behind their work.  The expense of having to demo and reinstall tile is astronomical and can be avoided by having it done right the first time.

The photo shown is not a DMA installation. 

  • Crack isolation – failing to properly isolate cracks in the substrate will lead to cracking or disbonding of the tile.
  • Joints – Failing to properly honor control, expansion, contraction, soft joints and plane changes can lead to early failure of the tile.
  • Waterproofing – Improperly installing waterproofing or failing to perform a flood test can lead to a waterproof system that isn’t.  Having a ceiling fall in is not a good way to find out this was not done properly.
  • Shower mud bed construction – poor slopes will allow water to pool.
  • Poly behind Durock on shower wall installations – many installers don’t even know this should be done but it is important in order to control moisture in the stud cavity.
  • Temperature requirements – Failing to follow the temperature guidelines of the setting and grouting materials can prevent proper curing and adhesion.
  • Failing to thinset Durock to a wood substrate can leave voids between wood and durock which will allow for deflection and eventual failure.
  • Improper setting materials – Using improper setting materials for the application is a recipe for failure.
  • Use of standard grout when application calls for an epoxy or upgraded grout will save money but not perform as expected.
  • Failing to use proper transitions or edge protectors at terminations can cause cracked or broken edges.
  • Not to say that anyone would intentionally use substandard procedures or products, but with the competitiveness of the bid process it is vital that scopes be reviewed properly and the quality of the installer be taken into consideration.