carpet repair picWhen is the low bid not really?

Carpet goes down with the fuzzy side up, but there is more to it than that. You want the job done right and do not want to hassle over change orders or substandard work that will ultimately cost you more than you bargained for. The following are common things overlooked or ignored by act or omission that can cause an installation to go wrong.

The photo shown is not a DMA installation.

  • Climate control / temperature – Failure to control the temperature and environmental conditions prior to, during and after install can lead to wrinkling, and peaking of seams.
  • Failing to lay the carpet with directional consistency can cause unsightly texture variances.
  • Roll sequencing – failing to follow roll sequence can cause noticeable color differences and pattern match problems.
  • Improper installation method – A stretch installation when a glue down installation should be done can reduce the wear life of the carpet and cause early failure.

The following are issues that you may not see until well after the install…

  • Sealing seams – Failing to seal the seams can lead to fraying.
  • Seams of woven carpet need to have latex applied to prevent unraveling.
  • Adhesives – Using a low grade adhesive or failing to adhere to specified spread rates and open time can cause adhesion issues and early failure.

Not to say that anyone would intentionally use substandard procedures or products, but with the competitiveness of the bid process it is vital that scopes be reviewed properly and the quality of the installer be taken into consideration.