Select carpet type and backing.

Industry tests demonstrate that cushion under carpets is not only more comfortable, but can increase performance as well. The cushion absorbs impact, reducing the wear on the fiber. Conversely, cushion may not be appropriate due to rolling traffic or other concerns. This is another area where your intended end use will come into play. Consider rolling traffic, spills, biological accidents, food and beverage, etc.

  • (Action Bac) Broadloom with synthetic secondary backing - This lower priced option offers some dimensional stability, it is breathable and recommended only for low traffic areas.
  • Broadloom with unitary backing or unitary Action Bac Unitary uses additional latex with no secondary backing and designed for direct glue down installation. High level of tuft bind, edge ravel and delamination strength make this more durable. Unitary Actionbac adds to the benefit of Actionbac with dimensional stability and stretch to pattern match
  • (Vinyl Back) Broadloom with polymer backing other than latex Typically only found in 6’ goods and tile due to weight. Heavy duty product that works well in corridors and heavy traffic areas. Backing makes it impermeable to moisture (from the top as well as the substrate so slab moisture can be an issue.) The seams can be welded like sheet vinyl.
  • (Attached Cushion) Broadloom with attached polymeric cushion backing Attached cushion is typically a custom order with minimums. There is limited adjustability with pattern match carpets. It is better performing than double stick; reduces delamination and the 72hr waiting time for traffic associated with double stick. It also enhances under foot comfort and cleanability with a moisture barrier.
  • (Moisture Barrier) Broadloom with moisture barrier, polymeric non-cushion backing Prevents spills from penetrating to the substrate which can re-emulsify glue, or re-appear on the carpet surface after cleaning (re-wicking). This is the preferred backing in healthcare environments due to the potential for body fluid exposure. Some mills specialize in moisture barrier backing while many are special orders.
  • Carpet Tile– Carpet tile offers a high degree of install and design flexibility, and quick, easy and quiet installation even in occupied areas. Modular installation can make installation in cubicle type office settings fast with limited disruption to production. There are multiple install methods from full spread adhesive to adhesive strips and floating systems. Performance backing helps prevent re-wicking of wet stains. Carpet tile can be easily replaced when worn out or damaged.
  • Carpet Tile, cushion backing All of the benefits of carpet tile with an integral cushioned backing. Enhances under foot comfort and cleanibility
  • Broadloom, woven Beautiful and durable with distinctive appearance. Typically uses wool fiber, but there are some product manufacturers that use nylon fiber. Woven carpet is most often used in hospitality, casinos, and high end corporate settings. Proper installation of woven goods requires an extremely high skill level.