relisient failure low bidWhen is the Low Bid Not Really?

The final appearance of a resilient flooring installation depends a great deal upon the attention given to preparing the floor. It's easy to cover imperfections in the substrate, but the nature of resilient flooring will allow those imperfections to show through and sometimes amplify them. Substandard or incorrect adhesives and application techniques can cause early failure of the floor or unsightly patterns showing through the finish.

The photo shown is not a DMA installation.

  • Moisture Testing – Failing to moisture test, improper testing, or failing to condition the space prior to testing does not permit you to know the slab moisture content and make a decision to mitigate.
  • Moisture Mitigation – Failing to mitigate when you have a known moisture issue, or the use of an improper or substandard system can lead to catastrophic failure of the floor and exponentially increase costs.
  • Acclimation – The material should be properly acclimated per manufacturer's instructions to prevent excessive movement and potential separation after installation.
  • Seam Treatment – Heat welding of seams should be performed with sheet flooring to create a continuous surface and prevent dirt, bacteria, and pathogens from taking up residence.
  • Flash Coving – The use of improper adhesive in flash coving can cause disbonding.
  • Adhesive Spread – Using the incorrect trowel or methods for applying adhesive can result in grooves or other patterns telegraphing through the finish.
  • Rolling – Failing to roll the material with adequate weight after install can leave air pockets and inhibit adhesion of the flooring to the substrate.
  • Cleaning – Any dirt or debris left on the floor prior to installation can inhibit bonding and show through the finish.
  • Joints and Cracks – Failing to address joints and cracks properly can cause them to reappear in the finished floor.

Not to say that anyone would intentionally use substandard procedures or products, but with the competitiveness of the bid process it is vital that scopes be reviewed properly and the quality of the installer be taken into consideration.