Considerations for Patient / Common Areas


  • What will the floor be exposed to (bodily fluids, cleaning chemicals, topical antiseptics, etc. can stain some flooring and be difficult to remove.)
  • Is this a replacement of an existing floor (demolition and replacement of existing floors can remove the affected area from service so thought should be given to speed and methods of installation, though DMA has successfully removed and installed new flooring in occupied patient corridors.)
  • Are there known moisture issues or is this fast tracked construction (may need to explore mitigation.)
  • What are your requirements for slip resistance, aesthetics, LEED, ESD-electro static discharge, acoustic reduction?
  • What is the weight/point load of the beds, patient transport and other equipment to be used? (This will affect installation methods as well as product selection.)
  • Transitions between different finishes can affect the finish choice as well as installation and tie in.