Considerations for Sales Floors


  • What level of foot and or cart traffic do you expect?
  • What types of product will be sold in the store? (Some finishes may not perform as well when exposed to foods, etc.)
  • If new construction, have you considered slab finishing methods? (Some finishing methods may increase the cost of finishing an area.)
  • If remodeling an existing floor, special consideration should be paid to demolition and how the previous flooring will affect the desired finish (subtle lines can often be seen after tiles or VCT has been removed and will be visible through polished concrete or semi transparent resinous systems.)
  • Walk off areas and entry mats should always be used to reduce tracking of abrasives and contaminants.
  • Transitions should be smooth, detail should be specified when transitioning between materials to reduce the hazards of uneven floors.
  • Acoustic effects of the finish should be weighed with the planned use of the area in mind.
  • Traffic patterns should could be considered when determining layout and corresponding finishes.
  • The floor should compliment the feel of the store without distracting from the merchandising.