Considerations for Production Areas

manufacturing production areas
  • What will the floor be exposed to (fats, oils, acids, alkalis, temperature variations, and other production by-products and cleaners can destroy concrete and some coatings and finishes.)
  • Is this a replacement of an existing floor (if the existing floor is degraded, the thickness of the system and any reinforcement needs to be considered in order to maintain structural integrity.)
  • Does the flooring system need to meet regulatory guidelines (USDA, FDA, DOE approved)
  • What are your requirements for slip resistance, aesthetics, LEED, ESD, thermal shock?
  • What sort of phasing schedule can be implemented for the install? Some systems can be installed in a relatively short period of time during a shut down, while others may require multiple phasing while closing down sections to install.
  • Is secondary containment required in a certain area? How do the previous considerations apply?
  • When specifying resinous systems, it is imperative to consider slab finishing techniques, surface prep, transitions, and crack, joint, drain and termination detail.