Is polished concrete good for bathrooms?


We love to polish concrete, but we also know that polished concrete is not the best option every time.

Polished concrete fails in this bathroom because of cleaning chemicals.

There are several places where polished concrete will not perform well. Bathrooms, labs, caf├ęs, and dining room floors are subject to spills, which will stain a polished floor. The cleaning chemicals used for some of these floors will also cause damage. The polished concrete bathroom photo in this blog, for example, has a ring of discoloration caused by cleaning chemicals.

There is an alternative, and it mimics the look of polished concrete.

Polished Concrete Alternative

We can install a clear urethane sealer, with or without stain, to give you the appearance of polished concrete. The great benefit to you, is that you can enjoy the finish of an exposed concrete floor, without the risk of damage that can mar polished concrete. The reason is simple: a urethane sealer renders the floor impermeable; it is no longer porous.

The installation process is straight forward, and it can be as economical as polished concrete. We begin by grinding concrete, the same way we would begin our concrete polishing process. Our goal is to make the concrete porous enough for the urethane sealer to bond properly.

For an existing floor we would do additional grinding as required, to remove glue, mortar, paint, epoxy, or any other floor reside. We would also do any needed repairs. After that we can install concrete stain to add color that will enhance the design elements of the space that you are building. At that point, we install 2 coats of clear urethane, and the floor is done!

Check out the floor shown in the photo, to get an idea for what your floor would look like after we install a high gloss urethane. We can install lower gloss urethane, if you prefer a matte or satin finish.

Either way, DMA Floors can install a floor for you that will yield a great, durable finish.

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